Development Faria Group | What we do
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What we do

  • Investment tailor made proposals, market analysis, decision–making support, and transaction support
  • Development, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of RES power plants:

      – Business management consulting services

      – Business Plan and Feasibility studies

      – Environmental consulting services

      – Environmental Impact Studies

      – Engineering and related technical consultancy services

      – Fully licensing and technical development of a project

      – Preparation of permits and consent applications and files/studies to key regulatory/competent bodies

      – Coordination of all Public Services for fast and efficient issuing of permits/consenting

      – Support on permitting/ consenting issues throughout the project lifetime

      – Sustainability rating of investment, assurance of an optimum degree of efficiency and finding of corresponding financial resources

      – Engineering, Development, Construction and Project Management services

      – Project Risk Management services

      – Procurement and Contract Management services

      – EPC services

      – O&M services

  • Financial, Legal, Technical and Environmental DD assessments for projects in all stages of maturity
  • Stakeholder Management Services:

      – Stakeholders (SHs) and social analysis & management

      – Extensive knowledge of local, regional, national & international SHs

      – Great working relationship with key SHs for over 20 years

  • Generation, supply, marketing and exploitation of from renewable energy sources (Wind, Solar, Biogas, Biomass, Geothermal, Hybrid/Storage)
  • Circular Economy solutions
  • Development of biomass supply and management of network for energy use from residual biomass, energy crops and livestock waste
  • Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste
  • Research activity for the development and production of new products in the energy sector
  • Participation in research and design programs Greek, European, worldwide
  • Cooperation with Universities and research organizations in Greece, in the EU and abroad
  • Development of Innovative applications and startups