Development Faria Group | The Company
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The Company

DF GROUP – Development Faria Group – is a development and investment company aiming at developing, implementing and operating Renewable Energy Projects, and also exploit and manage resources and innovative applications on the basis of sustainable development.

Its founding partners and its team of experts have been deeply involved in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources and Infrastructure projects and have significant experience and track record, have cooperated with numerous of the largest companies in Greece, Europe and worldwide  and have concluded significant agreements with major companies all over the world.

DF GROUP supports efficiently companies for the development of RES projects, starting from the selection of the appropriate location of the site and following all the procedure till the successful operation of the RES projects.

DF GROUP offers expertise in the fields of renewable energy (Offshore and Onshore Wind, PV, Biogas and Biomass), energy efficiency and storage projects, environmental and social assessment, environmental monitoring, waste and water management, circular economy, ESG and investments.

DF GROUP offers consultancy, project management, financial and support services to renewable energy sources (RES) projects as well as to infrastructure and transport projects, within management, design, permit, procurement, development, construction, and operation & maintenance phases.

DF GROUP offers full knowledge of all RES portfolios in Greece and other countries, provides research and market analysis of various RES technologies (Onshore and Offshore Wind, Photovoltaic, Thermal projects) within market opportunities, focused on potential growth, demand, legal framework, governmental strategy and proposes investment opportunities.

DF GROUP owns and has under development a portfolio of RES projects of more than 300 MW [Wind & Thermal Projects].

DF Group is also focused and involved in innovations in the field of energy storage and hydrogen. Additionally, it supports and establishes startups related to energy and renewables.