Development Faria Group | Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values
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Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values

DF GROUP – Development Faria Group – is active in the development and implementation of Renewable Energy Projects.

The role of DF GROUP is directly related to the environment and we know that the development of the economy is directly dependent on ecosystem sustainability. We strive to contribute actively to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of natural resources through the development of Renewable Energy Sources, contributing significantly to the development of the local economy, above all, and to the national economy in general.


To become through “quality, effectiveness and adaptability to sustainable goals” a leading company promoting the use of renewable sources, contributing to the protection of the environment and sustainability for future generations against climate change.


Development of Renewable Energy Sources plants in Greece and globally through investment in efficient and profitable solutions and new sustainable technologies. Contribution in global transition to renewable energy.

” Research, Investment, Development, Promotion, Operation “


The company’s aim is to build a healthy organization with clear view and strategy that will always keep looking ahead, based on values such as: “Integrity. Safety. Innovation. Sustainability. Quality. Teamwork. Entrepreneurial approach. Respect”