Development Faria Group | Operations – Services
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Operations – Services


DF GROUP is a development investment company. It invests in green development,, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, resource and asset management, new technologies and innovative applications with a focus on green growth and development. The company’s main target is strategic partnerships with institutional investors and long-term investments in low-risk assets.


DF GROUP offers solutions for investment initiatives to cooperating  companies and institutional investors. It undertakes the development, implementation, construction and management of assets as well as their operation and maintenance. It implements long-term partnership agreements, ensuring the assets revenue, providing a professional and transparent presentation of the assets.


DF GROUP owns and develops Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Energy efficiency projects in Greece, Europe and in RES markets worldwide. Through its highly qualified and international team of experts  assesses emerging  markets  as well as opportunities in mature markets.

DF GROUP offers management and engineering services for numerous renewable technologies and ensures optimum and successful integration throughout the development and execution of the projects.

Consultancy / Support

DF GROUP supports efficiently companies for the development of RES projects, starting from the selection of the appropriate location of the site and following all the procedure till the successful operation of the RES projects.  

  • Business Plan and Feasibility studies 
  • Environmental Impact  Studies
  • Fully licensing and technical development of a project.
  • Coordination of all Public Services for fast and efficient issuing of permits
  • Sustainability Rating of investment, assurance of an optimum degree of efficiency  and finding corresponding financial resources.
  • Management services
  • EPC services
  • O&M services

Energy / Sales

DF GROUP concludes Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for the sale of energy generated from its Renewable Energy projects. It provides green energy to consumers and helps reduce carbon footprint and climate change.

Energy Storage

DF GROUP aiming at the best management and exploitation of energy produced from Renewable Energy Sources is in cooperation with companies that build innovative energy storage systems combined with intelligent energy management. The energy transition from fossil fuels to green energy goes through the energy storage generated by Renewable Energy projects. Managing green energy wisely and during periods of increased demand by consumers will lead planet to decarbonization. Energy storage will be the driving force to meet the needs of citizens and businesses, contributing efficiently  to a sustainable development future.

Waste Management and Waste to Energy

DF GROUP is focusing on waste management technics and solutions, as well as proposing economically and environmentally sustainable Waste to Energy solutions, providing support to governments and planners in the successful development of their WTE initiatives.

Waste management has become an imperative given. Waste to energy is a significant part of a comprehensive, waste management plan and Waste to energy systems provide a highly valued source of renewable energy. WTE systems can be an effective supplement to fossil fuel-based power sources while also reducing landfill requirements in urban environments, generating renewable energy and producing revenue for municipalities, governments and private investors.

Biomass supply

DF GROUP is cooperating with leader companies worldwide for the sustainable and efficient supply of biomass plants in Greece and other countries, providing efficient solutions and effective logistics.

Consultancy Support in public sector / R&D

DF GROUP acts as consultant in various european and greek municipalities on Sustainable management – Waste and water management – Energy saving and efficiency – Renewable Energy Sources – Circular  economy – Climate Change – Environmental Management & Monitoring – ICT –  IoT – European funded programmes, etc. 

Furthermore is in high collaboration with Universities and Research institutes in Greece, Europe and worldwide and supports full package procedures for the entry and realization of European funding programs.

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