Development Faria Group | “Offsore wind energy in Greece. The way forward” conference, 12th December 2022, Athens
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“Offsore wind energy in Greece. The way forward” conference, 12th December 2022, Athens

Development Faria Group DF GROUP is investing, developing, managing, and operating renewable energy projects (Onshore and Offshore wind, Photovoltaics, Biogas, Biomass, Solar), energy storage, energy efficiency, hydrogen, new green technologies, and innovative applications with a focus on green growth and development.
Since its establishment is actively involved in the Offshore Wind sector, a key strategic goal for the company, and is rapidly growing the Offshore Wind task force composed of well-qualified team of experts that have worked in the development of such projects internationally the last decade.

Based on its expertise and its work on assessing the Greek territory for Offshore Wind development, Development Faria Group DF GROUP was appointed in 2020 by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy and by the IPTO-Independent Power Transmission Operator as the Technical Advisor for the assessment of the whole Greek maritime area and the selection of areas receptive to Offshore Wind Farm development, as well as the selection of optimum and prioritized Offshore Wind Sites. Additionally, Development Faria Group DF GROUP due to its technical knowledge on the Offshore Wind industry and on the Greek RES regulatory framework contributed and supported on the structuring of the Greek Offshore Wind Act released in July 2022.

Now, 2 years since 2020, having collaborated closely with all competent Greek Ministries and National authorities, having taken into consideration good industry practices and lessons learnt internationally, having adjusted all knowledge gathered with the individualities and uniqueness of the Greek area and having applied and evaluated all spatial, environmental, technical, economical, geopolitical criteria and criteria of competing activities, Greece is more than in its starting point towards Offshore Wind projects, with an estimated capacity of 4 to 7 GW of fixed bottom projects and 35 το 70 GW of floating projects.

Greece has the potential to become an attractive market and competitive to the other countries regarding Offshore Wind and can move with quick and stable steps in order not to lose the momentum and achieve a success.

These and much more were presented by our company’s Managing Partner Thalia Valkouma in the “Offshore Wind Energy in Greece: The way forward” conference, organized in Athens, on 12/12/2022 by Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA S.A.)Grant Thornton Greece & Hellenic Wind Energy Association, and held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy.