Development Faria Group | Offshore Wind
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Offshore Wind

DF GROUP is rapidly growing company that invests, develops, manages and operates RES Projects. Through its international team of experts develops OW projects and assesses emerging OW markets worldwide as well as opportunities in mature markets. The environmentally sustainable and socially responsible development of OW projects is our key objective.


Pre-development phase

One of our key competences is the assessment of new markets and conducting market entry feasibility studies. This includes technical, financial and environmental assessments, and market entry strategies, providing the ideal foundation for creating the necessary business case.


Development Phase

Our inhouse experts can develop the entire business case by managing Site Investigation, Grid Connection and Electrical Design, specification and procurement of all packages (WTG, cables, OSS, onshore works, foundations, and T&I), Permits and Consenting, and Financial Analysis, enabling to successfully manage all risks and reach FID.



During this time sensitive and technically complex phase, our experienced team will manage the different work streams to deliver the project safely, on time, on budget and meeting the highest quality requirements. Drawing on our global expertise, we tailor specific solutions to each challenge at hand.



Post commissioning, our team will investigate continuous improvements in operational efficiencies, cost management, and financial analyses for refinancing opportunities.



DF GROUP has inhouse experts that can identify and mature projects from the early concept phase until operations. The key service packages are comprised of Market Analysis, Grid Connection and Electrical Design, Environmental Assessment and Consenting, Sites Assessment, Financial Analysis, Project and Package Management.