Development Faria Group | Inauguration of the 100 MW PV project “Delfini” in Greece
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Inauguration of the 100 MW PV project “Delfini” in Greece

In Q1/2020 together with Green Investment Group/Macquarie Group we started discussions for the transaction of the challenging PV project “Delfini”.

Last Wednesday (13/7/2022) we had the pleasure to participate in the project’s very successful inauguration event.

Development Faria Group introduced the 100 MW project, was involved in its transaction and supported Cero Generation from a technical and licensing point of view.

Νοw, after more than 2 years of efforts Cero announced the commencement of work on the project, which is the first solar project in Greece with a private PPA.

Congratulations to the owner of the project CERO, to the companies who undertake the construction AMERESCO & SUNEL, the Greek bank PIREUS BANK who will finance it, and the company Axpo Solutions who will be the buyer of the energy produced.

The best is yet to come!