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Law article 2
A remarkable step towards  acceleration of environmental licensing  & RES licensing procedure!

On 5 May 2020, the new Law 4685/2020 “Μodernisation of the Environmental Legislation, incorporation of Directives 2018/844 and 2019/692 of the European Parliament and the Council into Greek legislation and other provisions” was voted by the Greek Parliament…

bioenergy article 3-min
Bioenergy in Europe

Sustainable bioenergy is a win-win solution for energy generation

Bioenergy is a readily available source of energy and green growth. It diversifies farmers’ and foresters’ income creating local added value. It also enables investments to develop innovation, improves sustainability performance, and adopts environment-friendly practices….

ARTICLE 1 energy press
Renewable energy investments,  without grid projects,  to reach €9bn by 2030 in Greece

The country’s renewable energy sector investments until 2030 will reach a total of 9 billion euros, not including new grid interconnection projects, according to a projection included in the new National Energy and Climate Plan.

The RES sector’s share of Greece’s energy mix is expected to reach 65.7 percent in 2030 from 32.6 percent at present, in terms of overall electricity production, primarily through new investments in wind and solar energy, the NECP notes…

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